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To accomplish our mission,  Caritas Creek was founded in 1975 by a group of Bay Area educators who established an environmental education program for schools and a summer camp for children and youth. Since then, hundreds of Bay Area schools and more than 100,000 children have benefited from the services, mission, and philosophy of Caritas Creek. The outdoor environmental education program is a vital part of many schools' curriculum. 


Caritas Creek makes a unique contribution to the world in the way we develop mind, body, and spirit. We’re proud of our success in helping children to feel personally valued and spiritually attuned, while they become stewards of the earth and appreciators of one another.   

Former locations were in Mendocino, Occidental, and Cazadero, California. In 2010, our program was licensed to CYO and relocated back to the CYO Retreat Center in Occidental in order to offer a more easily accessible distance to the San Francisco Bay Area, to provide the resources that will allow us to serve more children and to increase program effectiveness by offering a greater variety of experiences. 

With founding members and former directors serving on our Board of Directors, we continue to employ our exciting mission with the dedication and experience that established our reputation as one of the most unique and renowned environmental education programs in California.


Currently, Caritas Creek Environmental Education program is licensed and operated by CYO Catholic Charities and facilitated at the CYO Retreat Center in Occidental, California. Inquiries for CYO staff about our programs should be directed to CYO Caritas Creek.


Inquiries about licensing our program, fundraising, donating, or awarding grants should be directed to us, the Caritas Creek Board of Directors. 

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