Caritas Creek's purpose is to help young people discover the connection between all living things; to build bridges between diverse socioeconomic and ethnic groups; and to foster in youth a deeper connection to the natural environment, to self, to the Spirit of Love, and to community.

Our Role

We were founded in 1975, and spent 35 years facilitating our program, Now our role is to:


* License our environmental education program to qualified organizations,

* Raise funds to support the growth, success, and diversity of students in our programs; and to support other programs offered to Caritas students which reinforce learning (such as CYO summer camp),

* Validate and support consistent  program quality and alignment to our mission,

* Award financial aid to families and schools who otherwise would not be able to afford participation. 


Each year the Caritas Creek Board of Directors throws an annual dinner and auction. The goal is to ensure that Caritas is affordable to students of all income levels, and youth who would like to attend summer camp.  Our guests at the event include camp alumni, CEO’s, educators, business owners, law enforcement, and camp staff.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring their family. More information about our 2020 event coming soon. 

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